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Shutterstock Makes Images Easily Available In Photoshop

The world of stock photography is very competitive these days. There are many agencies. Even Adobe has its own stock photography offerings. Perhaps with inspiration from Adobe, Shutterstock has just made it easier and more efficient for Photoshop users to access their huge library of stock images.

The plugin is available for both Mac and Windows English users currently but sounds like other options will be coming soon from Shutterstock. It is possible they will make other options to support more languages but not sure if they will support any other platforms.

The nice feature of the plugin besides image search is the option to actually try a watermarked version of an image in your design. Manipulate it any way you would normally with just the caveat of the watermark which is normal for designers using stock images. Should the design be approved, then said images can be purchased and watermark version replaced with non-watermarked version.

You can see more details here as well as download the plugin for your computer.
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