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Blackmagic Gives DaVinci Resolve An Update

Before I opted into the entire Adobe CC suite of apps, I was relying on two free programs for my video editing. One being HitFilm and the other was the lite version of Blackmagic Design's Resolve which seems to be more popular than my other choice and maybe a bit more on the professional side especially regarding color grading. The biggest downside to the lite version is no support for multiple GPUs or 4k video which didn't bother me since I wasn't in need of either, yet.

So it appears that Blackmagic has updated the Resolve program to version 12.5.1 as of current. Best of all, the update is more than just improvements, it also bring new features including the ability to decode Apple ProRes without Quicktime and better H.264 playback for the Windows users.

It has been reported that additional editing features have been added as well. For more information and a complete list of the massive changes, see Blackmagic's press release here.

I've not yet really focused on mastering just one program yet of the two mention above and Premier Pro. Each seems to have pros and cons. Just curious what video editing program do readers prefer?
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